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NXT Symbian v0.1 - Lego Mindstorms NXT Remote Control for Java Cellphones

This app was wrote using an IDE called Mobile Processing, to learn how to work with the mobile processing bluetooth library i used thisproject as an example and thanks to this project developer now the mobile processing official bluetooth library support short UUID's (needed to access bt serial port service in the nxt) by default without any manual patch needed, so everyone thank him :)

Compatibility List: i only tested in symbian s60 nokia cellphones but it should work in many other too, mail me with your cellphone model and if it worked or not or if it had bugs.
Nokia 6630 - work
Nokia N70 - work (tested by Mike)
Nokia 6680i - work (tested by Koldo)
Nokia N80 - work (tested by Victor)
Nokia 6600 - work
(Both 2nd and 3rd generation of symbian s60 are proved to work)
Nokia 2855i - work (tested by Owen)

Just put the nxt-g program called remotec(this is just an example and its tuned to my bot configuration) in your brick and NXTSymbian.jar in your cellphone.
Dont forget to activate the bluetooth in your cellphone.

Important: Just activate the bluetooth dont connect true the cellphone software, just turn on the bluetooth and run NXTSymbian. When you open it must ask you to press a key to begin the bt search for the nxt.

2 - fwd (send bt message: fwd)
4 - left (send bt message: left)
6 - right (send bt message: right)
8 - rwd (send bt message: rwd)
5 - stop (send bt message: stop)
(Menu joystick does the same that 2 4 6 8 keys)
1 - beep
3 - start a program called remotec (the program in the brick needs to have this name "remotec")
9 - stop a program called remotec (the program in the brick needs to have this name "remotec")
* - trigger1 (send bt message: cmda)
0 - trigger2 (send bt message: cmdb)
# - trigger2 (send bt message: cmdc)
7 - gets battery status (new)

You can use the bt messages in nxt-g same way remotec example uses them to move (fwd,rwd,etc).

New: New version, code optimized and key 7 now shows the battery status of the brick in milli volts (sensors very soon).

NOTE: remotec.rbt is tunned to my bot so change the configuration to your needs direction, ports etc...

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